Old-school websites are just that


Optimize your site for mobile traffic and get MORE clients, generate MORE leads.

in 7 days or less.

…and under $100.*

We only create sites with the highest quality technical tools and partners!

Not just a pretty website, a website that works FOR you.


Get a high-converting website that acts like an investment, not an expense.

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Want a websites that brings in customers and clients?

Because more clients = more revenue, amiright?

  What is ‘Website in a Week’?

Website in a Week is the convenience and cost of DIY with the impact of a professional site. 

Most DIY builders are easy to use, but they’re not designed to convert or generate traffic organically using SEO.  What you save in money doing it yourself, you’ll make up for in lost revenue due to low sales and paid ads to bring in clients. 

A Website in a Week website is a professionally designed site that uses traffic conversion strategy to attract traffic and turn it into potential leads and convert them into 

What does that mean? It means that our websites are designed to move your visitors to take ONE action, the one you want them to take!

We are legit online marketers with over a decade of experience in web design, copywriting, sales, online advertising, high-level sales funnels and technology. 

Our goal is to help businesses get up and running online as soon as possible!

We believe in the small business and the solo entrepreneur. We believe they should have the same access to high-quality services that the big guys get. And we believe that when they do, they rock the world!


We set up the tech so you can get down to business!

Want to know how it works?

  1. Reserve your Website in a Week timeslot (we have limited availability!)
  2. Choose your professional site design from hundreds of available templates! 
  3. Complete your website questionnaire and provide us with the images, content, and copy we need to customize your site 
  4. Once your questionnaire is complete, we get to work building your site. Your launch date is based on your questionnaire completion and timeslot availability 
  5. You’ll receive a link to review the first build and provide feedback using our amazing video tool to save time!
  6. The site will be updated based on feedback and 

I’d love to share my story, and how I can help you. 

In 2013 I found myself able to step away from a longtime career in software development to pursue my own business offering online personal training and health coaching.

As an ACE-certified personal trainer and health coach running an online business, I was able to help to more clients reach their health and fitness goals while I stayed home with my baby. 

I became part of the health coaching community and met so many coaches and trainers who were struggling with the technical aspect of their business.

I’d get lots of questions from them, like:

  • “How do I set up a website?”
  • “How do I automate my emails?”
  • “How do I set up a membership site?” 

Soon I found myself offering technical assistance and mentoring, spending more time helping fellow health coaches set up and run their online business than I was running my own… and I LOVED it!

At that point, I went full-time into digital marketing and automated my health and wellness business, Results Without Restriction

Now I work full-time creating content and websites for others in the field, using the skills I had from my previous career combined with what I learned growing my own health and fitness business.

My mission now is to help wellness professionals overcome tech overwhelm and get their business up and running!

A custom website could cost you thousands!

And take MONTHS to create!

Get your online business up and running quickly by customizing one of our amazing template designs!

Better than DIY and cheaper than custom

The global conditions have forced a lot of businesses to get online quickly!

You want the speed of DIY but the look of a professionally-designed site!

You also want..


Mobile design – with more than half of web traffic coming in on mobile, it’s important to make sure your potential clients can find the information they need fast!

Our approach focuses on creating your website in a way that is designed to convert your visitors into leads or buyers – one that not only looks professional and fits your brand, but combines time-tested direct response marketing strategies with the newest technological tactics to hook, educate, persuade and sell.

Helping you overcome the technical overwhelm of running an online business.

The Website in a Week program is perfect for you if:
  • You want your clients and customers to be able to find you online
  • You know your business needs a website but you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to have one built
  • You don’t want to spend countless hours of frustration to do build one yourself
  • You know you need help creating a site that will convert traffic to clients
  • You want to work with a professional designer you can trust
  • You know you don’t need a lot of extras on the site that don’t add value 
  • You want a straightforward design process that gets your site built fast
  • You are easily flustered by technical tools and want to avoid unnecessary technical integrations


So how does it work?

Step 1

Reserve your spot on our calendar by purchasing the Website in a Week build and service plan

Step 2

When your purchase is confirmed, you’ll be asked to complete your website content questionnaire. 
**Your build week is not scheduled until this questionnaire is completed and all suitable content is provided (including images, copy, and contact information) 

Step 3

Upon completion of your questionnaire and submission of all required content, you’ll be provided with a build date. We may have questions about the information you’ve provided so please be available to respond in a timely manner so that we can get your site up and running. We’ll start getting your site together! 

Step 4

You’ll receive access to the first draft of the site. You’ll be able to request any site changes at this time.

Step 5

We’ll process any requests for site updates and have your build complete within 48 hours.

Website in a Week Pricing


For 12 monthly payments of $99

Perfect for small businesses, content creators, or service providers just getting started!

You’ll get: 

  • A professionally-designed, single page website (perfect for mobile web traffic!)
  • Professionally designs for all types of businesses
  • Responsive design for all devices
  • A premium theme and plug-ins
  • Content updates*
  • An automatic updating Privacy Policy to stay current with international information security regulations**
  • Up and running in 7 days***
  • Site security with SSL certificate installation and maintenance
  • Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics installation for traffic monitoring and retargeting ads
  • Includes site hosting with 99.9% uptime
  • Tutorial videos for hands-on users
  • Weekly site backups
  • Monthly site performance reports

*Up to 1 hour’s worth of site work per month
**Required for all websites on the Internet that collect PII (Personal Identifiable Information) such as names and emails)
***Upon completion required site content questionnaire

What Happens After 12 Months?

After your 12-month payment plan is complete, you can opt to:

  • Continue having us host, service and maintain your website for one low monthly payment of just $49/month (edits to images, layout and copy are charged by the hour).
  • Move your site to another host without penalty or cancellation fee.
  • Cancel your site if you are no longer in business and no longer need the site. Contact us to cancel and your site will be removed.

NOTE: If you request to cancel your contract BEFORE the 12 month payment plan is complete, and you wish to move  your site to a different host, there is a $500 cancellation and site packaging service fee.


Can it really be done in a week?

Absolutely! Provided you’ve completed the required site questionnaire and  provided us with the information we need to complete the site. Your launch week will be determined when we receive your completed forms and is also dependent on you providing feedback in a timely manner.

Can I just pay in full instead of monthly installments?

Our pricing model makes it easy for smaller businesses and solopreneurs to get up and running quickly. Because it also includes hosting, site care and upkeep, you may find that you won’t be able to find a better priced option for the maintenance of your most valuable business asset!

If you would rather not take advantage of this payment plan, you may pay for the site in full but there is no discount for doing so. 

Does using a site template mean my site will be cookie cutter?

Absolutely not! You’ll find the professionally pre-designed site options have the potential for unlimited customizations! We update the site design with your branding and style to reflect the personality of your business. No two of our sites look the same!

What if I cancel before the 12 payments are made?

If you cancel prior to the 12th payment, you’ll be billed a cancellation fee of 50% of your remaining balance and your site will be scheduled for deletion immediately.

If you want to keep your site and move it to your own host our buyout fee is $500 for us to package your site and provide it to you, in addition to any cancellation fees if you did not complete your contract. 

Note: You may move your site without cancellation fee or penalty any time after the 12th payment is made. 

Can I host my site somewhere else?

After the 12th monthly payment you may move the site to another hosting provider, but we’ll be willing to bet you won’t find one that provides the service and quality that we do each month. 

Do I own the site?

Not exactly… you own the domain but not the site until the last monthly payment is made. If you would like to move the site to another host before your 12 payments are made, you may contact us for the site buyout fee (your 12-month balance minus previous payments) and the site will be yours to package up and take elsewhere. 

 The intellectual property of the design and layout is owned by us and cannot be resold by you, but we’ll take care of all that when we send you our contract.

What does the monthly fee include?

The monthly fee of $99 includes: 

  • Site customization
  • Hosting 
  • Premium themes and plug-ins 
  • WordPress software updates
  • Weekly site backups 
  • Security and uptime monitoring 
  • Malware scanning and removing 
  • Access to training videos to update your site
  • 1 hour’s worth of site updates per calendar month 
What if I'm not happy with my site?

We’re happy to report that we’ve never had a client dislike their site, but we’ll absolutely work with you to make the changes you’d like to see on your site. When it comes to design, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There may be some visual effects you’d like to see that we discourage for usability purposes. We’ll do our best to accommodate any design and functional requests you have.

If you’re still not pleased with the result, we’ll happily refund you within 30 days of site launch.