Are we a good fit?

Why  we’re different.


We’re not a typical churn and burn, one and done design agency. We’re a dedicated, long-term partner in building, maintaining and growing your web presence.

We offer a personalized, engaging and empowering design experience for small to medium sized businesses who want to stand out from the crowd, convert more customers and blow away their competition.

Website Pricing

The question “How much is a website?” can only be answered once the details are in place and after both parties understand the scope of the project. The big thing to remember here is that a professionally designed website is an investment, not a cost. Sounds like a cheesy tagline I know but for many of our clients, the websites we build are the lifeblood of their business and can be yours too.

Our website pricing generally falls into 3 ranges/starting points:

Small Multi-page Site

Starting at $1,497

This is our starting point and generally covers your average or smaller brochure/information based websites (up to 5-10 pages) that may include a blog or basic plugins but don’t have too much complex functionality.

Medium Multi-page Site

Starting at $2,997

This range includes portfolio or more customer engaging based sites that are generally 11-25 pages with some advanced functionality like blogging, project galleries, calendars, events, quote forms, etc.

Large Multi-Page Site

Starting at $3,997

This range includes larger sites (generally 30+ pages) that require more extensive design and development, functionality, template creations, training and e-commerce/online stores, membership or interactive customer solutions, etc.

Just getting started?

Check out our single-page website services: 

Professionally-designed Template

Free with purchase of hosting package

Perfect for bloggers and hobbyists, set the site up yourself using our Divi and WordPress e-course! 

Single-page Site

Starting at $199

Perfect if you’re just starting out and building a base for your online business! Includes set up and installation of a WordPress and Premium Divi theme

Single-page e-commerce site

Starting at $497

Perfect for setting up a platform to sell your physical products. Includes template installation and set up of up to 10 products.

Laurie is a genius! I found Laurie when I was just about ready to give up on trying to develop an online business! I had a WordPress website, but I couldn’t do anything with it. She made it look great, and taught me how to make changes and additions. She is also a guide and always available just when you need her! I often call her a magician! Laurie is my tech support, moral support, bouncing things off mkt expert, a magician, and just an awesome person.

I highly recommend Laurie for your projects!


Laurie helped me build the funnels for my business from the ground up! no matter how many questions I had – she was always there to answer them and was easily accessible.

Very kind, thorough, and knowledgeable with effective strategies. I’d recommend her for any service she provides!!


Laurie has been a wonderful source of knowledge, inspiration and support and I’ve begun my health coaching career. She developed my website and I must say I got way more than I paid for. People that visit that site are very impressed.

She helps me connect all of the dots for my challenges and shows me how to navigate the various components of it. I guarantee she will be a wealth of information as you build your business.

Thank you Laurie for everything you’ve done (and continue to do!)